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Adaptive Server Enterprise (Product/Solution Page Brief)
Adaptive Server Enterprise
Category: Product Info Date: 2014-02-03
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The Unwired Enterprise (Corporate Page Brief)
The Unwired Enterprise is where information flows freely within an organization, whether your workers are inside the office or on the road. See how Sybase and Intel work together on achieving the Unwired Enterprise
Category: Corporate Info and News Date: 2012-12-27
SQL Anywhere (Product/Solution Page Brief)
SQL Anywhere
Category: Product Info Date: 2014-02-07
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Possible data integrity issues caused to partitioned data-only locked tables when upgrading to Adaptive Server Enterprise 15. Extra manual step required during upgrade.
Category: Troubleshooting Date: 2006-03-02
Migrate to Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 (Product/Solution Page Brief)
Migrate to Adaptive Server Enterprise 15
Category: Product Info Date: 2013-04-02
The purpose of this demonstration is to mobilize the pubs2 (bookstore chain) sample database that is provided with Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0.
Category: Product Info Date: 2007-04-17
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The ASE 15 Migration Implementation Service Package is structured to accelerate the implementation of your migration strategy – getting your environment up and running as quickly as possible, with our experts ensuring that you are aware of ASE features and capabilities along the way.
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2010-07-16
The Application Tracing feature provides database users, having special privileges, the capability to turn on the commonly used server diagnostic options for a running client session, and capture the trace output into a text file.
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2007-07-05
Mobilizing a Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 Database
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2007-04-17
This paper looks at how Sybase’s Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15 addresses data management challenges.
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2006-08-28
Sybase commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that Sybase customers may realize by upgrading to their existing ASE platform to ASE 15.
Category: Product Info Date: 2008-08-27
Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise 15 Underused features for the DBA
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2009-07-31
Boosting Database Performance & Easing Maintenance Tasks with Data Partitioning in Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2009-01-09
ASE 15 Cluster Edition (Product/Solution Page Brief)
Governments, financial service institutions and multinational companies all depend on Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15 to power their mission-critical applications. ASE 15 delivers high-transaction volumes with 24/7 reliability and lower IT operational
Category: Product Info Date: 2012-12-19
some processes timesliced, and then the server hung up Key Words: stacktrace Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 11332 ESD#3/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.8/rel12503/1933/64-bit/FBO/Fri Aug 1 07ᛇᛘ 2003 01��򎅵/03/15 00ᛅᚿ.39 kernel ds
Category: Support and Trouble Shooting Date: 2006-03-30
Experiencing error 822 on 3 ASE devices. Adapter Server Enterprise 12.5.3 EDS#2 (but error not version specific) After problems with hard disks, we replaced a few disks. On start-up ASE log shows that all devices are started up as expected. The problem
Category: Support and Trouble Shooting Date: 2005-12-04
On an existing ASE ct changed license file and now ASE is reporting a license error 'SySAM: FLEXnet Licensing error:-73,125' in the log: 00��򎅸/09/15 17ᚨᚺ.22 kernel SySAM: Checked in license for 1 ASE_CORE (2009.08300/permanent/1780 735
Category: Support and Trouble Shooting Date: 2012-03-20
Many financial institutions and private enterprises depend on Sybase ASE to deliver high transaction volumes with 24/7 reliability and lower IT operational costs.
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2008-12-15
IBM DB2 and Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) are both SQL-based client/server relational database management systems used to support information systems.
Category: Miscellaneous Date: 2007-11-28
Our client experienced 8211 error overnight followed by a stack trace: 00��򎅵/11/21 15ᚪᛠ.82 server Error: 8211, Severity: 26, State: 1 00��򎅵/11/21 15ᚪᛠ.82 server Mismatch found between the name and id descriptor ha
Category: Support and Trouble Shooting Date: 2006-01-25

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